Sunday, March 05, 2006

Just Say OH!

Oscar Night 2006. Sitting here with the Oscars in the background reminded me of a memory of my past.

It was tradition to spend Oscar Night at The Black Banana in Old City in the early 1980s - the annual Oscar Party held there was off-the-hook! TV screens around and a large selection of costumes! Oscar Night was second only to Halloween for those in Center City and we all marched over to 3/Race in full garb in the middle of winter to just celebrate Hollywood.

From those that dressed to celebrate those nominated that year, to those that wanted to remember and showcase that time when Hollywood was classy ... it was nothing to be sitting between Lucille Ball (as in Mame) and Diana Ross (as Dorothy in The Wiz) while ordering a drink at the bar!

The funniest memory of those parties was watching someone dressed as Nancy Reagan doing lines of coke near the upstairs bar!

Funny times over there at the BB :)

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