Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Flashdance! What A Feeling...

As I thumbed through the pages of the worn spiral notebook from my life 1980-1982, I came across some random things. The first several pages are the documented list of those who answered my ad [talked about in the previous post]. However, as I get past those pages - I come across a weird snapshot of my life, some 24 years ago.

Like this page: obviously this page was open while I listened to the hosts of Yesterday's Now Music Today, as they rattled off in rapidfire the list of who was coming where, during the concert calendar segment of the show. This had to be 1982, since I wrote that Saturday, November 13 at the LOVE Club was a show with The Sic Kids and Pretty Poison. Below that is ESC, which of course is the East Side Club - seems The Vels, Bunnydrums and Head Cheese were doing some Philly Local thing ... of course Head Cheese went on to become Book of Love.

I wrote City Gardens, but I guess nothing interested me this time around! And, most fun for me - is how I doodled WXPN, Phila 89fm ... who knew back in 1982 that in 2006 I would be marking my 18th year as a staff member of XPN. Life is funny that way.

Another telling image was this detailed grid that I doodled of what my 'radio station' would look like. I remember doing this and all the names are made up - cept for a few. I did actually know a dude named Forest Galaxy from the scene ... so I gave him an overnight slot! How funny that I've been playing radio since I was a kid - complete with dragging my portable turntable down to the dining room and playing tracks from various LPs for my mother and aunt, as they gossiped about life in the kitchen.

It probably explains why I truly love my professional life. I've visioned this path forever and here I am.

These final shots are unique in that they show the development of Philly's first gay youth group. This first picture is the committee list that Robin and I created - probably early 1982. This was the first introduction into the stereotypical lesbian trait of organizing and taking all the fun out of anything (haha - I kid!).

What was a silly mix of kids was going to become something, God Damn it! Sadly, I had other things to focus on in 1982 and by 1983, I was out of the group and into my own personal hell.

This other picture shows the planning I was forced to do by the organized lesbian brigade, to have speakers come to our youth group and talk to us. We had a slated 'Business Meeting' to discuss fundraising activities; an 'Open Discussion' and a visit from someone fromthe newly formed organization 'Parents of Gays'. The most poignant moment in this image is how I wanted to have a doctor come in to talk to us about Ayds.

There are times I wish I could go back to that moment - just to slap us out of our ignorance, but first I'd like to spend a bit of time just relishing the freedoms and untainted vision we all had back then. It will never be the same.

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