Friday, September 22, 2006

Full Circle

The Time Has Come.

26 summers ago, to celebrate my freedom from the chains of high school, I went to the opening of one of Philadelphia's most nortorious punk/new wave venues ... The StarLite Ballroom, underneath the El at the Huntingdon stop. I had known the building, since it was in a neighborhood I was familiar with, as my grandparents lived two blocks away on Amber Street. We spent many a day at Kelly's Korner - a warehouse of junk, available at low prices!

So, when the StarLite was to open, I was on the radar ... and although I didn't get to go to the Friday opening night with live performances from The Go-Go's and X, I did go to Saturday night and caught a blistering set from Pere Ubu and the debut of a new sound in Philadelphia, compliments of a band known as Bunnydrums.

26 summers later and original Bunnydrums members singer/frontman David Goerk and guitarist Frank Marr joined up with fellow musicians Howard Harison, Marc Laurick and Michael Mongiello and reunited the Bunnydrums sound perfectly at a tease performance back in July. Now, we all get the chance to appreciate their unique styles and sounds this coming SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 at the North Star Bar, as I host:

the legendary KING OF SIAM

21+ show / doors at 9 / tickets are just $8

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frankenslade said...

That Starlight Ballroom poster with the Go-Gos! The horrible high school predecessors of my band played the Starlight right around this time, opening for some other local band called The Never. I'm pretty sure that poster was hanging that night. I thought it would be really cool to see a "real" show there, but I was just 16 at the time and too much of a dork to get into a Philly club so underage - that is, without being booked to play there.