Sunday, November 19, 2006

Have A Banana

It began in 1970 as Le Banane Noir at 534 South 4th Street in Philadelphia, and in the late 70s it moved to 3rd & Race Streets and became a private club for members only. The club thrived through the 80s being on the cutting edge of fashion and music: styles came and went and the Black Banana rolled with the punches. It was known as the most decadent place in Philly. Many of today's artists, designers and musicians have done their time at "The B"!

Founder and friend Garrick Melmeck passed away back in 1991, months after the Black Banana suffered a devastating fire. The staff worked day and night demolishing and rebuilding the club. All the while, loyal patrons held vigils out on the sidewalks. But once it reopened, the writing was on the wall - in 1998 the Black Banana played its last record and flashed its last strobe. The building now houses Wexler Fine Arts Gallery.

My friend Natasha created an incredible 3-D tribute site to the time, music, people and party that was The Black Banana. Take a moment and visit the site - and spread the word. Spread the love for one of Philly's institutions back in the day!
Click To Visit The Black Banana Experience!

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kenny said...

I used to love the after parties they held after a night at vagabond. great fun!