Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Loose Joints Revised

If you haven't stumbled upon Cazwell - get in the loop! Cazwell is probably the coolest queer white rapper out there - he was producing tracks for Amanda Lepore - then his manager tossed him the messy disco track "Is It All Over My Face" by Loose Joints, which came out way back in 1980 ... a Garage classic (thanks to Larry!) and one of my favorite dance tracks of all time ...

So, once he heard it - and saw just how much it connected with his dirty, sex-filled musical canon, he wrote some lyrics and made it his own! Check it out - it features Amanda Lepore, Flawless Sebrina, Kim Aviance and more of today's NYC downtown squad, getting ready to hit the clubs of NYC!

This is a 'clean' version - after you get done screening, click the link below to watch the uncut version - along with a couple other new videos from Cazwell!

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