Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Audio Flashback


So, I was up in Maine this weekend to celebrate my Nana's 100th birthday -- in the last year she finally entered a care facility, since her knees are no longer able to get her around on her own (but she still has her wit, vigor and memory!).

Anyway - once she went into her new home, my uncle and his family had the responsibility to clean out her apartment and distribute her belongings to the family ... in the midst of that process, Jack came across a cassette that I had given Nana back when I was just 17.


It was recorded in MAY 1981 as I was doing the overnight shift at WCSD-FM in Warminster, PA ... the format was anything goes overnight - so I would bring my records and do my shift from 1-6am each Tuesday morning.

Jack didn't tell me he found the cassette - instead he had it transferred onto CD and presented the disc to me this weekend ... I WAS BLOWN AWAY!! The funniest thing is when I started playing the disc, I didn't even recognize me ... thank God I got rid of that silly Philly accent.

Anyway - I wanted to share it with you - I put it up on Wiki ... since it's free ... just click this link, then click the brown DOWNLOAD FILE button - you'll have to enter in a security code and then the file will play in your browser, thanks to Quicktime.

For those wondering WCSD began broadcasting on Sept 6, 1976, a 10-watt radio station located at the former William Tennent High School on Street Road. Its call letters are the initials of the station's original owner, the Centenial School District.

In 1980 the station license was transfered from the School District to the Bux-Mont Educational Radio Association and the station relocated to the basement of the Warminster Township Building/Police Department at Henry and Gibson Avenues in Warminster, Pennsylvania. It began operations there on May 15, 1980 after a 16 month period of silence. In 1981 it increased power to 200 watts and in 1986 changed call letters to WRDV which stand for "Radio in the Delaware Valley."

Enjoy this flashback to Robert Drake, at age 17!!

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Tommy said...

So we finally get to hear your voice! (26 years back, but still) :)

I guess I have an idea of what a Philly accent sounds like now :)