Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A New Direction...


It's been um ... well, it's just been forever since I've posted in this blog. So much has occurred over the past months - the highlight has been that this coming weekend (July 27) John and I will celebrate one year together.

This year has taught me a lot about myself - and about others. John and I both have learned to finally trust someone and let go of our past, so that we can hold hands and reach for what lies ahead. He has become my spiritual mate - and I am grateful to have him in my life each and every day.

With that, I've created a new project - and a new direction for this blog.

2008 has been a year of celebrating milestones; from 20 years at the same employer to 1 year with the man I love - - what better way than to count off the weeks to the next celebration!

Over the winter, John and I each purchased a Flip video camera. If you haven't heard or seen these babies in action - let me tell you, they are a gift from above for capturing video on the fly; auto focus, one button action and simple upload to your computer and online sites via a handly pop-up USB arm!

And, they use standard AA batteries - no drama or price gouging with rechargeable batteries, etc.

The Flip camera makes shooting a breeze and the biggest problem for us has been learning to use it often. So, inspiried by a few colleagues who have been participating in their personal Project 365 (post an image a day for a year), John and I have both decided to use our personal blogs to each post a video clip a week for a year!

Consider it a work in progress - the more experimental, the better. The challenge here is to force ourselves to open our eyes and appreciate the beauty, the passion and even the quirks that make life worth living. Everything from personal experiences to random acts of weirdness that we come across in our daily paths will be up for the Flip! The key here is to just document life - as seen through our eyes.

We'll each shoot a slew of video clips and post them to our Youtube pages - but we'll each select just one per week as our entry in the Flip 52 project and post it to our respective blogs - perhaps with a text commentary or maybe we'll just let the image stand alone.

Work in progress indeed.

For me, its fitting to use this blog to post the weekly video entries - the mission of this blog has always been "remembering before I forget" - - what better way to remember then to simply hit play.

Welcome aboard.


Lauren said...

I've already told you how great I think this idea is...but I didn't know John was doing it, too! Love it :)

And since I'm still feeling a little lost by not taking a picture everyday...and since my digital camera is starting to feel a bit neglected, I'm sure...I maaaay have to start up on this, too ;)

Anonymous said...

I LLLove the new direction and especially the subtle way you state your objective..."the key here is to document life." Well put!

This is such a perfect segue project to "Remembering before I forget." It's as though you looked back and took the time to get caught up, and now w/ Flip! (the camera, the concept, & the blog) you're facing forward and documenting life as it comes. Seamless!