Tuesday, September 02, 2008

John & Robert TV

So, about two weeks ago, Philadelphia Weekly cornered John and I, as we were sitting in Washington Square - soaking up the noonday sun. John was on a lunch break from work and I was in the midst of my 'staycation' ... so what better plan that to have lunch outdoors!

They came up with camera in tow and asked us what we were planning to do this coming weekend - since we had no plans, we instead shifted into improv mode and talked about what we DID the weekend prior ... figured, if it was good enough for that weekend, it was good enough for any.

Click to be taken to the Weekly site to watch the video!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That PW site is really pretty addictive!

Nice footage of you guys, too. Glad to hear you still love Sundays at Mom's. I haven't been down there on a Sunday in what seems like forever. Miss it totally.