Monday, December 08, 2008

In Search Of Holiday Humor

Well, for those unaware - it was 15 years ago when WXPN came to me, with those puppy-dog eyes, hoping that I'd fill in on December 24. Seems no one was available and it was the days before digital broadcast, where you could run special programming without assistance.

So, I agreed - AS LONG AS they gave me complete freedom to spin an aural web of sounds of the season - direct from my collection of holiday tunes.

What they didn't know was that I had already developed a fascination for Christmas songs. Not the burnt cookies anyone can hear up and down the dial in December. My collection was chock-full of unique nuggets - some not given the light of day for decades.

So, they agreed to give me three hours and I delivered.

The three hours went to four - which went to six. On my 13th anniversary of The Night Before on XPN, somewhat as a joke, I suggested 12 hours to celebrate the past 12 years! Management said 'okay' and the next thing you know I was on for 12 nonstop hours.

Last year management asked what I planned to do to top my 12-hour marathon the previous year - - I said, how 'bout 24 hours?! After checking my pulse and temperature - just to be sure I wasn't babbling under some illness - they agreed.

So, last year I was on the air for 24-nonstop hours. And this year I do it all again. 24 nonstop hours on the 24th day of December!

Best of all, if you can't listen on the FM dial - you can listen live worldwide at

Hopefully I'll have some new bells and whistles to add to the mix this year! I plan to have a couple special GIFT BAG music hours - 60 minutes of nothing but requested songs, each titled for a possible gift idea. Additionally, I might have some live guests swing by as well as some other features from years' past; like a rebroadcast of It's A Wonderful Life (originally aired March 1947) and other goodies.

But here's an idea that I can use a little help with ... I want to present throughout the 24 hours a little bit of holiday humor. So, if you have any seasonal jokes (they must be clean - due to FCC guidelines etc), comment and share them here, so I can add them to my list. Think groan/cute kids jokes if you need some guidelines!

Here's one to get you started:

What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus?


(thank you, I'm here all week!)


brandy101 said...

Oh, you should post this on facebook as an EVENT! I will listen in and encourage my siblings to, as well (and I will be in DelCo!yay!)

Chrissy said...

15 years? seriously? Am I THAT old now? (thrown in to make you feel old obvs) I remember you telling me to listen to the first one haha

Anonymous said...

I'll be listening!