Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm Doin' Fine in 2009

Well, along with the proverbial road, this blog is lined with good intentions.

I started this year with a hope to really roll up my sleeves and utilize this blog more often; but as I sit here on a true spring morning (where temperatures are to finally rise to the mid-70s), I realize that instead of writing about my world these past few months; I have been living it.

Three major things happened since I made that broken new year's resolution - and each has been life-changing. Equally, they have not only changed my behavior, but have allowed me to create a new set of inner priorities for living.

First came Nomi. Nomi (named after Klaus Nomi) is the new addition to our little corner of the world. She is an almost 9-month old Rat Terrier / Beagle mutt who is easily the most well-behaved dog I've seen in some time. She rarely barks and instead will cover you with kisses and snuggles. She is housebroken and simply loves to be nearby.

The last pet I owned was when I was 12 ... having a dog in my life has really put things into perspective. She has shown me what is important in life; it's all about the simple things.

Of course - I say 'first came Nomi', but really, first came John.

John and I are inching close to starting off year number three! In fact (to bring it back to Nomi!), her paperwork shows that she was born on July 27 ... which happens to also be our anniversary date!


Things with John and I have been great - what many might not have known was that since last May, for all intensive purposes, we've been living in a house that we rent together. The deal was that, once John's former roommate moved out, I'd sign a new lease with him just in case there was any credit issues. Turns out there wasn't, since the realtor has turned out to be a notch above slumlord (haha).

Since May, John has paid the rent and I have paid utilities. But I continued to pay my third of my house as well - after this winter's obnoxious gas bills, I realized that the time had come.

So, after 16 years, I am leaving the house that has been my home in order to officially call what has been my home for the past year ... MY HOME!

The only anxiety I have over this entire transition is cleaning out my room of 16 years of crap. Since I've lived with John for the past year, I already know just how good we are together and just how much I love our house and our world, complete with our pup.

The Purge Project starts today - hope is to have my room empty by May 3, so my landlord can bring the room into the 21st century (it hasn't been painted or such in 20 years). My goal is to get rid of most of my life's clutter and start fresh; I love this feeling and I've done it a few times before (as those longtime readers know) ... being able to whittle down my life's belongings to just what I truly need/want is going to be a good thing.

The process might be exhausting - but the results will be rewarding for sure.

Along with my move and the addition of Nomi - the final change has been within.

A year ago, John and I both realized it was time to take a break from drinking. We had both used alcohol as a tool to socialize and as a crutch to get over our awkwardness. But with each other, we slowly realized that, together we each grew stronger independently. So we decided to take a year off from drinking and clean ourselves out; both physically and mentally.

Last month marked one year without a drink ... a big deal for someone who actually HAD a drink named after him!

This isn't to say I won't have a drink ever again - I enjoyed a good beer. But this was something that we both wanted to do for ourselves. To get our lives back in control so to speak. Not only do I sleep better, but my wallet is just a tad heavier these days as well! :)

So - that has been this year; a celebration of my new world; clear-headed, very much in love. A new chapter begins, complete with a pup named Nomi.

Spring really has sprung!


brandy101 said...

Yay, yay, and YAY!

You are so blessed. I hope things continue in this way for you for many many years :)

Liz said...

I don't know how anyone drinks in their 40's. I can't handle it. My friend and I go out to dinner and we SHARE a martini on ocassion. Drinking is wayyyy to expensive and I do get hang overs not to mention how fattening it is. Congrats Robert and John on your wonderful life together. I'm very happy for you both. :)