Friday, May 26, 2006

The Sound Of One Voice

When I began this memoirs blog, I honestly felt that it would be this little outlet that I'd have to gather my thoughts about my past and put them into some form and order. As the weeks progressed, the entries took on a more reflective tone ... remembering the emotions that I experienced during those various periods of my life.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that people were following along. Not just reading, but actively absorbing many of my posts ... allowing my words to trigger their own array of emotions. I slowly felt as if this blog was developing into something a bit more than what I had set out for it to be.

Whenever I receive a comment to a post, I feel a thin layer of my hardened outer shell flake away. I realize that one more person out there in the world knows me a bit better than they did before. I realize that I am taking steps to open up and express myself after all these years. Frankly...

I feel more human.

Recently, a faithful reader sent me the following - although it's quite anonymous - i did edit some elements out, simply out of respect. But I was so overwhelmed when I read this email, that I cried. So, I felt it important to include within this memoirs blog, since it's all part of this rewarding experience.
I have just spent the last few hrs reading your entire blog.........laughing and intermittenly many memories.....been a fan of yours for yrs on XPN, spend every christmas eve with ya :-).......and LOVE land of the someone in recovery from an addiction, I too have done much soul searching to understand what brought me to certain points in my many of those teen yrs were a blur, but reading your blog brought back so many memories, good and bad..those memories also brought to me a clearer understanding of many things......thank you again.....and rock on....
No, thank YOU.

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Anonymous City Girl said...

I just found your blog.
And as someone who has met you a number of times socially, this peek into your thoughts confirms what one feels around you...
You have a inner beauty and warmth that fills a room.
Thank you.