Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Ghost In You

Where to start?

This past weekend I traveled to New York City for a few social obligations - but the highlight of my weekend was walking the streets from Penn Station down to my hotel over at 24th and 6th, with my headphones on and a special playlist I created for the weekend, celebrating NYC when I remembered it: during the early 1980s.

Tunes that held the key to open floodgates of memories as I turned each corner, both on the streets and in my mind. I crossed intersections that I had crossed hundreds of times over the past two decades ... but for some reason it was all fresh and new! With each step forward, I felt as if I was stepping back in time. At one point, I remember coming up to a traffic light and I looked across the street and saw a woman wearing the craziest outfit - straight out of 1984. It was fate ... I had found a wormhole in time and I had entered my past!!

As I walked closer, I removed my headphones and decided to cross the street - in order to pass her and see her up close, perhaps to even smile and say 'well done'. However, in doing so, I walked past a parking lot and heard my name being called from behind the cars. I looked over and it was Carlos!!

Carlos and I hung out in Manhattan too many times in the 80s! I've not seen him for twenty years! I stood stunned on the sidewalk as Carlos leaped towards me -- we hugged and laughed and, I actually felt a tear or two well up. I thought for sure he was dead and here he was - once the initial dust settled, I commented on the new wave woman that made me cross the street.

Keep in mind all this happened in a span of a minute or so - as I told him I looked up and she was nowhere to be found. Gone. I never saw her pass me and I can't imagine she just vanished - we walk up the block in search of this mysterious woman - nothing.

We both laughed and agreed that she probably didn't exist at all - and was just a spirit from the past sent down to catch my eye, so that I would cross over and connect with Carlos.

I spent the afternoon with Carlos - catching up on life and times. It was good to see him again!

The rest of the weekend was whirlwind... happy hour mixer in Chelsea, a networking b'fast the following morning and then a rush back to Philly to catch the touring Cirque performance.

But the highlight was Carlos and the mysterious new wave woman.

Thanks, wherever you are. :)


kenny said...

wow! I'm jealous, I want a mysterious new wave woman to cross my path. I want her to look like the woman in the photo. I often wish there was a way to go back and revisit a day in my life back in 1984...

brandy101 said...

OMG - Was she shrouded in Norma Kamali and jelly shoes???? ;)

What a truly cool story!