Thursday, July 27, 2006

Surfin' a New Wave


The past week has been new wave OVERLOAD for me!

It began when I received an email from Les Chappell in order to arrange a phone interview that I wanted to record with Lene Lovich, from their home in England ... in support of her NYC appearance over the Labor Day weekend at the Drop Dead Festival. I should be doing the interview in the coming week or so, and I'll air snippets of it on the August edition of Land of the Lost on WXPN - and feature the entire interview as a podcast on XPN's new media site, which rolls out August 1.

Then, everything fell into place for Dance Craze 2 (see below) featuring The English Beat, and members of Selector and The Specials, which I will be hosting in September at World Cafe Live ... a great venue to see such wonderful live music!

Later that month I will be hosting Bunnydrums with some "special reunion guests" at the North Star Bar.

Then, all that's left is a signature and I'll officially be able to announce that I will be hosting the return of Wall of Voodoo to the stage this December!

And, when I got home last night - I had an email waiting to ask if I'd be interested in being the host/DJ on August 8 at the TLA for the return of Gary Numan!

What a week indeed :)


kenny said...

truly amazing!

brandy101 said...

omg! I will never forget a PSA that WSRN (Swarthmore College's station) used to run w. Lene Lovich, playing "Lucky Number" in the background..."Ah-ooh, Ahh-ooh!"

Gary Neuman! Wow - wonder if he still wears jumpsuits???

BTW - I'm headed "downashore" next weekend for 2 weeks (Brigantine, to be exact) - any good New Wave/retro 80's happenings in that vicinity??

Chris Krakora said...

I'm defintely looking forward to that Bunnydrums show at the North Star, see you then!

BTW I've been toying with the idea of doing a New Wave/retro-80s party down in Rehoboth Beach DE for some time. Haven't found someone in the area to agree with me on such a party. Oh well there's always next summer.

Anonymous said...

Too hot!!

Liz said...

Thanks again Robert!! It was a really great show. I came home and added some Numan to my i-pod.