Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Thoughts

So I finally found myself in a situation where I had a weekend to myself ... no plans, no events, no commitments.

I spent Saturday on an exploration of Center City Philadelphia - found a new coffee house uptown, where I sat with a big cup and a tuna salad and read for an hour while watching the city pass by. I walked through town and had impromtu conversations with strangers about nothing and everything all at once. This morning (Sunday) I woke, showered and had breakfast at a spot I've never had breakfast at before. The weather today is clear and cool - a perfect March Sunday weather.

Later today I might walk into Old City and explore the selection of vinyl over at AKA ... perhaps take my book, pod and pad and go get a drink somewhere different.

It's been refreshing, stepping out from the normal groove that I follow day in, day out. I've met some new faces, had some interesting conversations and most importantly - enjoyed the peace of mind that can come from time alone.

This week has been somewhat of a roller coaster for me ... last weekend I was hovering close to the edge; a combination of producing Sex Dwarf amidst an ice storm capped off with a messy drunken late night followed by a second party I had to spin the following night - the weekend was exhausting, emotional and draining.

Now top off the week with the current calm, reflective weekend I am experiencing now - and you have quite a ride.

And it's not over yet. :)

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