Sunday, April 01, 2007

An Audio Flashback

So in searching some various sites that I check up on every so often ... I stumbled upon this audio flashback (Real Audio required) - it's from a site that celebrates classic radio air checks - and totally a flashback for anyone old enough to remember ...

While exploring the site I found this Philadelphia radio composite - You’ll hear an assortment of Philly radio stations recorded in January 1977 - all scoped (songs/spots edited out) - the coolest thing is that this flashback taked place when I was a freshman in high school and listened to all of these stations constantly .. a special moment is hearing JIM O'BRIEN once again ... soooo good.

On this feed you'll hear what was certainly the first BIG FM station in Philly, WIFI 92 - you’ll also hear WFIL, WIBG and more. Plus a great spot for the WFIL Gold LP series ... complaining how LPs are now $6 bucks!!!

Gotta love how diverse pop music was then - rock, disco, soul ... all crammed together - and in that classic radio style ... talk after EVERY song! Also when you listen to the WFIL and WIBG portions you can TOTALLY see how tight the playlist was with their format (two words: Mary McGregor; grant it her hit Torn Between Two Lovers was a few weeks away from being Number One in America)

Plus there are TONS of dated references by the jocks ... and you gotta love how excited callers get to win $20!

It's great radio and a wonderful audio flashback to Philly when I was 13 :)

Brings a tear o' joy to this DJ's heart!! ;)


brandy101 said...

oh! I remember WFIL! MY dad has some reel-to-reels of stuff taped off the radio (and that station, among others) in the early 70's; I gotta dig that sh*t outta the basement, if he still has them!

brandy101 said...

Since I spend likely more time in Atlantic City than Philly these days, I try to read The Press of Atlantic City online as often as possible. This has nothing to do w. the above entry but thought you might find the following article interesting:

Pax Romano said...


1977 was an odd time in my life, I'd graduated high school the year before, escaped South Jersey for L.A. in August,and then came back home due to a family obligation in late December.

Anyway, to hear clips of all those great old tunes (Born to Run, You Don't Have to be a Star, Rocket Man etc...)makes me long for the days when radio played a little bit of everything (although the hit songs were in heavy rotation if memory serves).

Nonetheless, thanks for the memories.