Sunday, February 19, 2006


Well, I spent much of this weekend doing nothing - except for going through files and creating images for the blog. Additionally, I did a one-hour tour of Center City Philadelphia with Jacob - visiting my past as he videotaped the experience.

It was a cold day, so we were both glad to cut it short - but I look forward to next Saturday when we are going to spend the morning at the main branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia - sifting through the microfilm of the entire run of Au Courant and the Philadelphia Gay News: both for his thesis and for this blog. I am really excited about seeing copies of the paper that I helped create some 25 years ago.

So - I figured before I post more stories about my young adult years - I should share a couple images of me as a kid. Yes, a kid. Go figure.

First, this charming image of me dressed as the Pimp Daddy, circa 1964. I actually think I have a bowler hat on as well ... all I needed was a walking stick and I was set. Thankfully I had my mother's arms to keep me upright - so, I guess she was my walking stick.

This was taken Christmas night - I know this only from the combination of toys all over the floor (which was rare!) and the fact that my Mother would never torture me to wear a bowtie on a normal night. If only I had this outfit now... I could be so stylin ... eh, who am I kidding!? If I had this outfit now, it would just mean that I'm a manager at an ice cream shoppe.

This next image was taken when I was 6, circa 1969. My mother had a thing for that gold trim spanish style furniture - the shit was SO uncomfortable and, as you can see, the place was spotless. We even dusted the crystal ball we kept on the coffee table for those times when a gypsy would visit (i kid!).

Perhaps this is why I'm such a neat freak [though one glance at my bedroom would put that title to question!]. I got my first dog during this time - his name was Fritz and he was a black mutt. I think I got the dog to distract me from the fact that my parents had seperated at this point, on the road to divorce.

That still doesn't explain the red socks and sailor outfit. I think I'll just leave that alone *gay* for now....


Liz said...

So cute! I love to see little boys dressed this way. I hate the way people dress boys for pictures these days- in jeans and shirts. This is so much cuter.

brandy101 said...

LOVE your blog!

Any thoughts to putting up a tagboard for "casual" visitors?

Robert Drake said...

i thought about it - but all tagboards seem to bring pop-ups with them ... not worth the clutter :(