Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hunter: Part Two

In going through old boxes - some that have remained sealed since their arrival to my new home back in 1993 - I found some pictures and memories. Before I get to those, I wanted to get to this: another picture of Hunter, along with a letter he typed and sent to his friends on June 25, 1991 - about five months before he died.

The note reads as follows:
As many of you know I spent time in the hospital during the Christmas (1990) season. I was besieged by your typical X-mas schmaltz: endless cookies made by nurses, children caroling in the halls, and insipid television. The entire experience was horrible. I became so sick they were calling in relatives, but I found a savior.

There is a Christmas carol 'Oh Holy Night' that for some reason I found so inspirational. There is a line in it that goes 'fall on your knees'. That was such a powerful image. And when I was at my worst, I 'fell on my knees'. I was brought mail, postcards and parcels from you beautiful people. The FLGC grapevine had sprung into action. Some of the mail was hysterical, some touching. People included photographs. It was an overwhelming passion sweeping over me. I want to thank you all. And it is wonderful that I'm here to write this. You guys have my address; drop me a line. I need passion these days.

Love and Peaches,
I hear ya Hunter. We all need passion these days. I've been enjoying your mix cassette tapes this week - each song seems to have a story! Like the time we went to the Palladium and danced for hours and smuggled in our own booze!

Amazing times my friend. Amazing.

I miss you most of all but I hope you know that we down here still carry you close to our hearts. Until then...

Love and Peaches :)

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