Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Writer And The Story

It's currently in the 8 o'clock hour and I'm off to bed for a 4am wake-up tomorrow. And there is this weird fog horn sounding outside in the distance ... which would be romantic 'cept I live at 4th and South streets!

Anyway - here's the big news!!

I was approached by someone who is writing a thesis for his Masters - his name is Jacob and his theme is gay nightlife in Philadelphia in the 1970s and 1980s. Once he saw this blog - it was like striking oil!

So, last week he came to the station to interview me - it lasted for over an hour and it became as interesting for me as it was for him ... since I am involved with this memoirs blog, I'm really focused on remembering my past ... but one can only do so much alone.

Out of nowhere I was sent someone to help me remember - life is wonderful that way. During the past week we have discussed his notes and research ... which has helped open those memory banks a bit more. This Saturday we are going on a walking tour of Center City - with a video cam and audio recorder - and I'm going to show him where everything was ... not only will this help as he begins to compose his thoughts ... but I feel that, by having someone sincerely interested in my past in such detail - it will help me as I document my memoiries here online.

On a side, I found some interesting personal files that made me remember a moment in my life that I had honestly forgotten about.

I'll post that story and images over the weekend.

For now ... I just wanted to publicly thank Jacob, my muse.


Kenny said...

That's really cool. I know that reading your blogs have opened up many memory banks for me. I do owe you a big thanks for that.

Liz said...

And people say blogging is a waste of time! I say it is self publishing and that is never a waste as clearly your post would indicate. Thats wonderful.