Friday, August 22, 2008


Last night John and I attended a special screening of an incredible film - DELIRIUM.

DELIRIUM was shot with 20 cameras during a live Cirque du Soleil performance. The music-filled extravaganza is described as a "contemporary urban tale" about an ordinary man living inside a bubble.

Most of the Montreal-based performance troupe's shows are based in acrobatics, but DELIRIUM is said to be a departure in that music is the driving force. The show features 21 songs and includes recorded visuals as well as singers and musicians. The official release explains the plot of this performance way better than I could:

DELIRIUM is a multifaceted event of unprecedented proportion featuring Cirque du Soleil music remixed. Driven by an urban tribal beat and awe-inspiring visuals, musicians, singers and dancers transform the arena into joyous frenzy. DELIRIUM is the quest for balance in a world increasingly out of sync with reality. DELIRIUM is an urban tale, a state-of-the-art mix of music, dance, theatre and multimedia.

Since the chances of actually seeing this production live are slim, being able to go into a theater - and watch a high-definition film - with incredible surround sound - was the next best thing; in fact, unless I had great seats in the venue where this was filmed, I have to say that watching it in a movie theater is better than being live; first of all the ticket to the movie was just $20 (versus $100+ for good live seats, etc), and second, we got to really see everything - emotions, facial expressions, and truly follow the performance.

DELIRIUM is only screening for four shows - and two remain; tomorrow (8/23) and Sunday at Noon at the Ritz East on 2nd street in Philadelphia.

For more, visit:

and check out this great promo clip of the movie... it really was THAT good!

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