Monday, August 18, 2008

flip 52.4

So, I am now into week two of my two-week 'staycation' ... where I have taken time off from work but stayed put; to catch up with friends and simply enjoy summer in the city.

Last Friday, John and I went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art - and capped off our day with a visit to the new Pearlman Museum, which is part of the PMA but located in its own building across the street.

The following day was a beautiful day to be in Philadelphia - and our friend Rachel joined us as we spread out a blanket and had a mega-picnic in the park; we spent over 7 hours in Rittenhouse Square and left once the evening lampposts fired up their lights.

A great time so far in my staycation!!

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Lauren said...

I totally was in Rittenhouse Square on friend and I just ended up hovering by the little fountain thing for a half an hour before heading on our way, though.

Glad you're enjoying your staycation so far!