Monday, January 09, 2006

And Now ... The Music

Man, where do I even start. I'm not going to try to go in some sort of order, since that would be (a) impossible and (b) a slap in the face of the scene itself!

So, as I noted in an earlier post - my very first show was for my 16th birthday in June 1979 at The Hot Club, located on the corner of 21st and South streets. Although I remember elements of that magical night, I never could remember who I saw - since I was so excited to just get into the club and be in the middle of the madness. But I did remember it being a Monday (school night) and it was during my birthday week.

So, in the spirit of Jessica Fletcher, I did a bit of puzzle building and realized that it would have been Monday, June 18, 1979. My first live show! Now.. here's where it gets fun. Thanks to the incredible work of James Lewes, who has become somewhat of a historian on the local music scene back then and gathered together an incredible collection of posters from that era, I went through what he had for The Hot Club ... and guess what? I found a flyer promoting MONDAY, JUNE 18, 1979!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, my first punk/new wave show ever was...

For those counting, that will be 27 years ago this June.

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