Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Picture Post

Today is Sunday - and I'll probably post later in the evening, but for now - I want to leave you with an image. The year is 1981 - the location is the 900 block of Walnut Street - the place is OMNI'S ... as always, click to enlarge.

This was the first time I saw Bauhaus in concert ... amazing. Of course those who know, know that the band Head Cheese went on to become Book Of Love.

And we all know that Pretty Poison went on to just become Jade's monkey on her back! (haha)

More later -- I've been cleaning out boxes in my closet, which of course has triggered TONS of thoughts...


O said...

Great flyer. Please post more!

You know the SF Mutants are playing live again very soon:

Anonymous said...

I used to play in a band with one of the original members of Head Cheese - his name was Tim and we played in a band called The Motivation circa 1983(?). We played at The Pyramid a couple of times.