Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Tapes

Perhaps it is the never-ending cold, or maybe it is the new vision I have, thanks to this memoirs blog I've begun ... whatever the reason, tonight after work I reached into the back of my bedroom closet and pulled out a three-drawer storage unit; each drawer designed to hold audio cassettes.

Inside this unit are 30+ homemade mix tapes, complete with handwritten song lists on the covers. The tapes contain the dance music from the late 1980s. I've not listened to these cassettes for about 14 years. Not because I forgot I had them - just the contrary. I think about these cassettes often, since they were created by a man that got closer to me than anyone else ever has: Hunter Muir.

I will post tomorrow about Hunter - and with the exception of the 'My Story' post I did a week or so ago, the entry about Hunter will be an emotional one for me to compose. It's an entry I knew I'd be making but have been putting off for soon-to-be obvious reasons. But, as I consider this my personal memoirs blog of my world, I also know that the entry must be made, since Hunter plays a role in my life that no one has filled quite the same ever since.

Besides a million other reasons, one that kept Hunter and I close was our passion for music. So, for tonight -- I am dusting off the cassettes and giving them a spin. As I type this I am listening to "TRENDY II" from July 1989. This mix includes the following:

'Walking On Sunshine' / Eddy Grant (The Zulu Mix)
'Work It To The Bone' / Luke Acid
'Homosapien II' / Pete Shelley vs. Power, Wonder & Love
'Soul Mining' / The The (12" Mix)
'Venus' / Bananarama (Greatest Mix)
'Pop Music '89' / M with Robin Scott
'Slam' / Humaniod

Fun. Bittersweet. Monumental.


Chris Krakora said...

Man have you been doing a lot of cleaning and sorting due to your copld or what? Maybe I ought to get another cold myself, since my place is so cluttered. Maybe that will help me get my stuff in order.

Kenny said...

late 80's dance music, vagabond parties and acid house... such great times!