Monday, November 03, 2008

Being Serious

I posted this earlier this fall - but its important enough to me, that I post it again - the day before Election Day 2008.

OK -

The last time I wrote something like this was exactly four years ago - but I decided to write this again.

I rarely impose politics on people; it's a personal decision and that is that - and that belief goes all the way towards politicians and how they impose their personal beliefs on citizens as blanket laws, 'for the good of the country'.

Government should govern. Government should NOT become tangled in personal decisions; be they matters of the heart or matters of life and death.

I'm for government that works to support its citizens grow and prosper, especially those that aren't at the top of the food chain. I'm for a government that understands the value of science and research; from the minutia of stem-cell to the expansive reaches of outer space.

I'm not for a government that feels the need to steer the country back to the 'good old days' when minorities, be they ethnic or sexual orientation, knew their place and simply accepted it. I'm not for a government that governs by the rule of a God and believes that the 'good book' is more powerful than the United States Constitution.

Four years ago I wrote to my 'friends list' on My Space and told them that it was important that those within my network support me; both as a human being and equal citizen of this great country. By voting for four more years of George W. Bush, they were helping to take this country down the wrong road; not only in battle but in cultural wars and extremism beliefs. They were moving this country a step closer to outlawing millions of citizens some of their basic rights and securities; me being one of those millions.

The 2004 Republican ticket was not supportive of the LGBT community in any way. It begrudgingly agreed to accept us, as long as we stopped whining for more. It was not a step forward for acceptance and understanding - something that has historically made this melting pot society of America but sadly has fallen to the wayside over the past decade.

Sadly, Bush won again and we see where we are today.

There is no sincere, clear-headed way someone can convince me that John McCain is nothing more than more of the same - but this time with a extreme religious twist, thanks to his party's choice of Palin as their Vice-President.

The Republican Party leading this country would not be good for America.

So - before we get into the final heat of the presidential battle - if you're planning to vote Republican, do me a favor - delete me from your 'friends' list because, quite frankly, a vote for McCain is a vote against me.

Yes, it really is that personal for me.


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