Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Moment

While sitting quietly in John's house watching history in the making last night at 11pm EST - seeing the hundreds of thousands of faces; beaming, crying and smiling - I realized that we truly are witnessing something more than another election.

Although I had invitations to join friends at social events and election night parties, to me - this night was personal. I wanted to have control of my environment as well as the remote; so I could flip around with ease.

I found (as usual) the best coverage was on C-SPAN with its peaceful void of bells and whistles. MSNBC followed, mostly because of Keith and Rachel. The oddest coverage was found over at CNN, where the tech crew have gotten a memo to 'kick it up a notch' - in addition to their Magic Wall (which was originally military technology), last night saw the debut of a 3-D floating Capitol building as well as the 'beaming in' of a reporter in Chicago - who then chatted with Wolf as a hologram. I guess all those extra dollars CNN made from political ads was invested wisely!


Anyway - back to 11pm. Once Keith Olberman made the announcement at 11pm, I sat there and watched a live feed from Grant Park in Chicago; the most amazing thing was the silence from the pundits on the set back in NYC. I wasn't sure if it was because they wanted to allow the historical moment to stand alone - or perhaps they themselves were just as choked up as we all were.

I sat there and, with each minute passing, filled with more emotion, finally finding its way out via my tear ducts. I cried a steady stream of blessed tears for a good 10 minutes while witnessing the psychological transfer of our country's direction from the old guard to a new generation of citizens.

As I was taking all this in - one song came to mind. I always felt this song to be powerful; be it the original version or covered by the likes of Patti, Luther or such. The words are haunting and it so fits this moment in time.

It Has Begun.


Megan said...

I thought the CNN stuff was really cool! There's an interesting post on Salon today about what it was like to watch the coverage exclusively on Fox News...

brandy101 said...

I was IN Grant Park last night. It was a surprising ambiance. I just blogged about it.

Anyway, part of me wished I was home to watch with Chris Matthews & Keith.

Also, I am still wiped out from walking and standing for HOURS plus getting home so late. But I am still glad to have been in the room (er, field, at least) to witness an amazing moment in WORLD history.