Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Selling Myself

Today I get to stand in front of strangers and sell myself.

I've been nominated to serve on the South Street Headhouse District Board of Directors - and was asked to attend their monthly meeting in a little over an hour from now, to introduce myself to those that will be voting. Seems they have more nominations than positions.

That's a good thing.

I figured I'd flush out my thoughts here - and kill two stones with one bird ;)

As friends and longtime readers of this blog know, I've been a resident of the South Street corridor for a quarter-century, with exception to a handful of years when I escaped to NE Philly. Who knew that once there, I would spend every moment trying to escape FROM NE Philly!

But I digress.

Since 1981, I've seen the South Street area transform itself from a collective gathering of indie art-driven spaces to a stripmall of corporate logos. Over the past couple years, many of those corporate giants have fallen and faded away; Tower Records, McDonalds, KFC to name a few.

What is unique about South Street is its passion and creativity. Sadly, that's what has been missing when it comes to its creative output in regards to outreach and events. Sure, the events are traditions now - but they lack the cutting edge that South Street always had.

I was asked to put my name in the hat because of my ability to produce unique nightlife events in Philadelphia. It was suggested by a member that they not only want to jump start their current crop of annual events (Easter Parade, Halloween, etc) but also develop outreach that truly represents the heart of South Street.

Naturally, as someone who has produced the annual Philly Zombie Crawl down South Street for the past three years, as well as Sex Dwarf the past 5 years off South Street, I suppose I do represent a bit more 'left-of-center' mentality when it comes to creating sensational experiences!

So - this morning I will introduce myself - explain who I am and what I can bring to the table and let the chips fall where they may.

One thing: I promise here and now NOT to bring Sarah Palin into my election campaign ;)

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brandy101 said...

Best wishes! Last time I passed through South Street, it was a bit depressing - a far cry from the vibrancy of my high school days when I snuck out of the house to hang outside Skinz, Zipperhead, and other shops, like a vintage clothes store where I bought the most awesome pajama pants I ever owned (of course, back then I wore them just as...pants!)And I will never forget cutting school with my boyfriend, taking the train to center city, and sneaking into a matinee at the TLA that was more or less a porno, but since it was European, it was considered an *art* film! LOL

I was probably one of the few teens that actually spent any $$ there, though.