Wednesday, November 05, 2008

'Tis The Season

Hi folks -

Well, even though the season of goblins has just ended, I'm already knee-deep in planning mode for my 15th annual edition of The Night Before on XPN; 24 nonstop hours of eclectic sounds of the season on December 24th; from midnight to midnight.

That's right; me - live - nonstop - for 24 hours!

Two things:

First, I want to put out a call to those of you who might have some non-obvious, off-the-beaten-path seasonal songs that you want to share for my annual broadcast - - grant it, I can't guarantee that I'll spin everything, but if you feel the desire to put together a mix CD for consideration, I'd be happy to give it a listen and possibly toss tracks into the mix! I know that many of you have quite the unique collection of music at home - so if you have some unusual songs with either an holiday or winter theme and want to burn them to disc and mail them off to me - I'd love it!

Send the discs to:

Robert Drake
3025 Walnut Street

Philadelphia PA 19104-3402

Second - I am creating some new features to plop into my 24-hour live marathon; one is called The 60-minute Shopping Spree; one hour of 'gift' songs - basically songs that are about items that would make cool gifts. That's where you come in; feel free to comment to this post with any songs that you think would work for this hour - just follow these rules:

1. they do NOT have to be holiday songs
2. they must have the gift item in the title of the song

That's it - start the brainstorming and advance thanks - - and I hope you can join me for my 15th annual marathon show, starting at midnight on Wednesday, December 24th 2008!

Remember, you can listen worldwide at or tune in at:

88.5fm WXPN-Philadelphia, PA
88.7fm WXPN-York/Lancaster, PA
99.7fm WXPN-Harrisburg, PA
104.9fm WXPN-Lehigh Valley, PA
90.5fm WKHS-Worton/Baltimore, MD

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