Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Year In Review

As we close on another year, it seemed fitting to spend some time, while nursing a holiday cold, and reflect on the past year – both personally and professionally.

First – this blog.

When I began this blog in January 2006, I did so out of conversations with some close friends who felt that I needed to open up and share my memories with others – if not the world. Honestly, I had always thought of putting pen to paper and documenting my life – since it truly has been quite a ride. But the idea that anyone else would be interested in reading my ramblings – seemed a bit presumptuous to me.

So I began – I started with safe stories about my club life – things I’ve told in public and had no fear typing out. Then, I began to sense a peeling away of hardened layers that had embraced me for years. With each post I felt more and more alive. I could breathe – even if no one read my posts, the fact that I was finally expressing myself was exhilarating!

Then, the dam broke – I decided to just let loose and write about everything; my carefree party days as a youth, my first love and my battle with losing so many friends to AIDS. I told My Story – one that was known by some in drips and drabs – but once I began typing, I wasn’t able to stop.

A year past and the blog had served its purpose – but now I felt like I should do something more with this – I had discovered my joy for writing and had inspired some readers to start their own blog and their own journey. This blog became bigger than just a cathartic exercise. So I’ve struggled with what to do with this space in the Internet – I spent most of 2007 trying to figure out what guidelines I should apply to this URL and then – as fate would have it – I met an incredible human being in summer ’07 and that gave me a beautiful distraction to this blog.

However, recently I have felt like I need to turn my attention back to writing – I really enjoyed it and I’ve not allowed myself the time to express myself creatively via this blog. I have more stories to share about my life, my past and my view.

So, this is my resolution to myself – 2008 opens itself up to a new and improved sense of dedication to this blog … I truly appreciate those readers (like you) who stuck with me this year while I found myself and my focus.

I wish you a healthy and soothing entry into the new year and I’ll see you on the other side!

Thanks :)