Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Reign Postponed

Fuckin' Fox. Fuckin' MLB. Fuckin' Bud Selig.

Philly Inquirer's Phil Sheridan said it best:
Major League Baseball should be ashamed for allowing its most important game of the year to deteriorate into an embarrassing mess because of slavish obedience to its pimp, the Fox Television Network. The first problem here is TV's insistence on scheduling these games for 8:30 p.m. or even later. There are plenty of lovely autumn afternoons - and yesterday was one of them - that give way to cold and blustery evenings. When baseball, like other sports, sold its soul to the networks and their craven need for prime-time sports programming, it created a situation where many young fans couldn't stay up to watch the most important games of the year.

There is no mechanism for the baseball commissioner, Bud Selig, to look at the weather reports, discern that a night game is doomed, and shift the start time to late afternoon.

That would inconvenience fans, but so does suspending the game for a day. That would be tough on players, but so does suspending the game for a day.

If the fans and players were the priorities, last night's game would have been stopped much sooner. They aren't. Television is, and television won't allow its prime-time program to be moved...

At this point, I doubt the game will resume tonight - the weather right now is simply RAW. Cold rain and winds and by 8pm the rains might end, but 30mph winds will remain making it feel like its in the mid-20s! That is not baseball weather at all. Whenever MLB does decide to start the game, I can only hope that the Phils take their anger from last night and bury the Rays and then tell f'n Bud Selig to 'KISS OUR ASS' when accepting the World Series trophy!


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brandy101 said...

I agree about both the time the game is scheduled and the decision to play in the *mist*. Luckily, both teams were agreeable and didnt make a fuss about it.

But it seems like with both of these teams you need a few innings to warm up and get a rhythm going; I think resuming is not the best idea. I think they should start over, since its a tie, anyway. Get in 9 innings where there is FAN participation and decent conditions to show their true skills (and weaknesses).

On a side note: what sort of awful plastic surgeon has John Oates been visiting?!?!