Saturday, October 11, 2008

Spandau Reduex

Well, without releasing too much information - I am in contact with a regional promoter exploring the idea of bringing Tony Hadley to the area ... who is Tony Hadley you ask??

Tony was the frontman for Spandau Ballet; one of my favorite bands from the 1980s - - now this could be a fun night or a bust; but we're exploring it and I'll get back with more as we hear... but for now, consider how cool it would be to hear that booming baritone belting out these fun classics!

Yes ... and even this gem:


Terry said...

YES!!!! I've been begging Tone to come to NYC and I know he would love to, but I'm close enough to Philly!!!

GET HIM!!!!!!!!!!

brandy101 said...

I wrote once in my blog that I have always thought Tony to be the most under-rated singer of the 80s. I love his voice!

I have also thought he would be excellent in a Broadway musical...

Anonymous said...

I know he's been busy in the West End.