Thursday, October 16, 2008

We Are The Champions


Not only did the Phillies win last night for a ticket to the World Series - they dominated the game over the Dodgers. It truly was a team effort, beginning with Rollins' kick-off homer!

I grew up in Philly amid championships; from the powerful Philadelphia Flyers who proudly wore their nickname of the Broad Street Bullies as they dominated the NHL and earned back-to-back Stanley Cups during my childhood, to the magical year of 1980 - when after a few almost-years, the Phillies finally made it to the World Series and WON!

I was at Game Two of that series - and screamed my head off, along with the other 65,000 rabid fans at Veterans Stadium. We won that game and the energy that permiated through the city that fall was incredible!

Fast-forward to 1993 when my friend Elise and I sat on the absolute TOP row of the Vet on an October night and could barely see the field - but we could see the gaudy sparkle of Jane Fonda's sequined Atlanta Braves hat all the way down in front - we beat the Braves that night and won another ticket to the World Series -- I never heard a crowd yell so loud for so long - it gives me chills just remembering that moment to this day!

Now the Phillies are in the World Series again - and we have a chance to win (a decent chance too!) - not only to win, but to finally break the curse that has hung around the neck of this city for the past quarter-century.


Oh - and for those that might have missed this oh-so-beautiful moment ... enjoy the soothing sounds of the legendary broadcaster Harry Kalas calling the final minutes towards the Phillies first visit to the World Series since 1993.


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brandy101 said...

I was just telling a friend that I *still* remember the 1980 final WS game when the last out was made and Tug McGraw lept up into the air from the pitchers mound!!!

I am PUMPED for this WS!

Also, I *love* the Old-skool liberty kids and Philles logo.