Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wire (d)

Last night I was slated as the opening act for the band WIRE - now that rocks! Grant it, I just spun a neat set of songs before the guys took the stage, but it was sweet to see my name listed as the opening act for WIRE. (haha)

WIRE played at Johnny Brenda's last night - and man were they tight! If you've never heard WIRE, do yourself a favour and check out their stuff -- personally, i recommend their debut 1977 release Pink Flag; upon its release Trouser Press called it "a brilliant 21-song suite" in which the band "manipulated classic rock song structure by condensing them into brief, intense explosions of attitude and energy, coming up with a collection of unforgettable tunes". Although the album was released to critical acclaim, it was not a big seller. However in 2003, the album was ranked number 410 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

The other WIRE disc I'd get is their brand-new release Object 47. Named for it being the 47th object in their discography, it is nonetheless only their 11th studio album. It is the 2nd product of an arc of work began in 2006 which has so far thrown up the rather well received EP "Read And Burn 03" and stands as a confident statement of where WIRE are in 2008. As ever looking forward! While retaining WIRE's idiosyncratic mix of an avant-garde mindset with classic pop timing this album boasts "tunes with zoom" a unique formula that somehow manages to sound wholly WIRE (in a classic sense) and wholly contemporary.

Last night WIRE played tracks from both the new disc and their historic catalog - and, after taking THREE ENCORES, they finally left the stage; just as sweaty and refreshed as the sold-out house!

It was great to see them live - I sure hope the new CD and their tour goes well - and you can bet Object 47 is on my Top CDs of 2008!

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